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Willett furniture at our upcoming Racine sale

We have quite a bit of Willett Furniture at our sale June 25 & 26 in Racine.  Willett was a Louisville, Ky company that operated 1934-1962.  I have never really seen more than a piece or so at a time, but when you are surrounded by it, it is hard not to notice it.  It is definitely some of the highest quality vintage 1940s & 50s maple furniture you can find.  Always thought it was equivalent to, say, Cushman, but it is far nicer.  Gorgeous, subtle hand-rubbed finishes as smooth as can be.   If you are a fan or collector of Willett, don’t miss this sale!


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  1. Hello,
    We are looking for a tall dresser, nightstands and a bed frame in the cherry willett style.
    Thanx Bill

    Ocean Shores, Wa

  2. Hi Bill, we seem to have had quite a bit of this style in some of our latest sales…Willett cherry or comparable Ethan Allen…so it definitely does pop up occasionally. We’ll let you know if we come across a nice set, and please keep an eye on our sale page.

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