Attending Our Sales
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What is exactly is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale generally deals with the entire personal property of a person's estate or household. These sales usually take place at the estate/owner's residence. All of the contents of the house and garage are usually priced and available for sale. You enter the house and shop at your leisure, with all the items displayed in the individual rooms.
How do I get in?

The start of the sale is almost always the busiest. We generally put out a sign-in sheet early in the morning of the first day of the sale. If there are people already waiting in line, the first people arriving will often have made their own line-up list to keep things organized in advance of our list being put out. In this case we will usually accept their list and transfer the names to our sign-in sheet.

When the sale opens, we admit people to the house in order, based on the sign-in sheet. We normally let 15-40 people in at the start, based on the size of the house and other safety concerns. We continue to let people in a few at a time as space allows. When the initial rush has subsided, there is no further need to have a number to be admitted.
How do I buy from the sale?

Everything in the house and garage will normally be priced. The first day, everything is sold at tag price. The last day of the sale, our prices are discounted, usually 50%. In between, we have a bidding process.
This page is for those wishing to attend one of our estate sales. We've listed some of the most common questions we hear.

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What is bidding?

If you don't wish to pay full tag price the first day, and you don't want to risk losing the item to someone else on the final discount day, you can make an offer by bidding on it.

This is how it works: Take an example item priced at $100. You might not want to spend quite that much, but you also know that if it doesn't sell for $100, it will get snapped up right away at 50% off on the last day. You could enter a written bid for $80, for instance.

At the end of the first day, we call the bids. So if the item is $100 and has not sold, we look at bids for it. If your $80 bid is the highest, then you win the item and it is considered sold. You must pick up and pay for the item the following day before the sale closes.

Bids are accepted on items over $50. Bids must be for more than half the tag price, otherwise the bid is discarded and the item is eligible for the normal discount on the final day of the sale.
What payment methods do you take?

Cash and good personal checks. Most sales we also offer secure credit/debit card options.
What kind of things will I find at the sale?

Anything and everything. Each sale is unique. Antiques, furniture, collectibles, household goods & supplies, kitchenware, tools, coins, jewelry, toys, artwork, vintage and contemporary clothing, linens, lawn & garden equipment, electronics, records, knick-knacks....all of this and more, depending on the sale. You never know what you will find.

If you have a question about whether a particular type of item is in a sale, just contact us!