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Two-sales-in-one in Rochester

15 September 2010

We lost our minds and scheduled a really fun sale for two houses at once in the little town of Rochester.   No really, it’s a very nice, quite large sale, with a little bit of everything.   The entire contents of both houses are up for sale Saturday, Sept 18th and Sunday, Sept 19th.  Our summer of fine maple furniture from the 40’s & 50’s continues….first we had a couple sales full of Willett, then Ethan Allen, and now Cushman.    Definitely a sale worth the trip to Rochester.

And speaking of Rochester, don’t miss the village’s Day in the Country celebration/festival this weekend.  It runs Saturday from 9-4.   It’s a great time in a little town.  Two words sum it up: pie auction…..and lots more.  See the links below for more details.

Village of Rochester Day in the Country flier

Racine Journal Times event listing